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 Diploma in Screen and Media 2014  

In the space of four terms within one calendar year and enrolled on a full-time basis, approximately 30 students undertake a course of hands-on study in Film and Video at MAPS.

Projects are primarily dramatic, comedic, documentary, or experimental in nature. The emphasis is generally on live action material. Along with general immersion in Film and Video coursework, successful candidates must select two departmental skill specializations from the units in camera, lighting, audio, editing, and production.

Screenwriting is an elective that may also be pursued across the year. Still photography is offered for those who wish to augment their grasp of securing effective recorded imagery. The one compulsory unit is Craft Theory, intended to conceptually underpin an otherwise entirely practical qualification. Work experience is mandatory.

Teaching and learning are competency based: you either pass or fail and there are no 'grades' of attainment. Assessment is based upon demonstrations of skill and detail-based oral questioning on principles, process, and practice. A nationally accredited Advanced Diploma qualification is the highest certification of its kind in this field.

Students who have attained Level IV or Diploma in this area of learning, or who have comparable educational or Arts/Entertainment Industry background that involved technical construction of texts, are eligible to apply for the opportunity to work on an extended piece in the company of others who wish to create work of significant ambition.

The agreed upon enterprise is supported by key teachers who act as executive producers, and strengthened by extensive input from appropriate Industry figures at property development and pre-production stages.

The experience of being part of a continuous six to seven week shoot - preparing, promoting, and publicizing this major assignment along the way - is built in to the year's program. The sense of real projects in real world contexts is particularly pronounced in the Advanced framework. Participants discover the artistic freedom of personal concepts and the inevitable constraints of acceptable compromise in order to get the job done.


Those interested should fill in a registration form, either available from the school or downloadable and ready for printing from this site. Forms must be sent by post to Hamilton College.

Interviews are to be held in late November / early December.


Generally we conduct at least two information sessions held on weekday evenings. Their purpose is to introduce interested members of the public to the facilities and curriculum of a representative year of study in screen technique. Usually you have the opportunity to sample some of the work and hear a student talk on the experience of MAPS for them.

Questions on issues such as AUSTUDY, fees, campus support for adult students, work experience, access and obligations concerning time and equipment, are dealt with by staff speaking from the floor and one to one. The dates for these occasions are advertised in the local press beforehand and will be posted on this web site when the time is close to hand.
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Upon application, interview, and submission of portfolio, the typical successful student will be able to exhibit an audio-visual sensibility, a sense of narrative, evidence of being able to work in and with teams, and have some feeling for or demonstrated capacity in the complexities of production. There are no other prerequisites.

It is not necessary to have Year 12. But all students who are accepted should turn 18 or more in the year of their enrolment. A characteristic cohort would be comprised of school leavers and mature aged, university and TAFE graduates, career change people, artists from other fields, all kinds. These are judged as desirable entrants or otherwise on their merits, not their backgrounds.


For Diploma there is a Course Fee of $2,750.

For Advanced Diploma, a the Course Fee is $2,750.

In both courses there may be some additional incidental costs associated with individual productions, and students involved are responsible for meeting those costs.


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